A long time ago, there was this band from the San Diego area called Sub-Society. A few of their songs were in the first H-Street video ‘Hokus Pokus,’ and Eddie Roman also used a few of the same songs in some of his BMX videos. Last week, while Dean Dickinson was staying here, he put in the new Goods promo, which featured another Sub-Society song. Though I hadn’t heard the song in probably ten years, I immediately recognized it, and it’s unfortunately been stuck in my head for the past week now.

Of course, there’s Google. After a quick search, I found a link to a Sub-Society bio and a catalog of free Mp3s from the band. So if you’re a fan, were a fan or want to be a fan, here’s your chance:

It’s time like this when I’m glad that music and the Internet made the connection. I got some transcribing to do…

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