A Woman Needs Love

I tend to shop for groceries in the late evening hours. I like the empty stores and the shorter checkout lines. I also simply appreciate the idea of a bustling store, designed to get people in and out of and onto their day in a timely manner, at rest. The late night stockists show their faces as the radio gets turned up a few notches to battle the night away. For once, you can actually wander aimlessly throughout the grocery store without bumping into anyone or battling over that last bag of frozen pineapple.

Such was the case last night. I had just jogged about five miles and needed a few things at the A&P. Boxes of un-stocked groceries lined the aisles as the few employees at work made the unanimous decision to turn down the A&P soundtrack channel in favor of R&B’s Best of 1981. And as I picked through a few cans of Fancy Feast cat food, the soothing voice of Ray Parker Jr. came through the supermarket sound system. The song, ‘A Woman Needs Love,’ really got me thinking.

Ray Parker Jr., for all intents and purposes, is the “Who Ya Gonna Call?… Ghostbusters!’ guy to the world. But last night, throughout the West New York A&P, he made the transformation back into a classic R&B singer, away from the pop culture lexicon that has equated him with one act of greatness in his entire lifetime.

It makes me think that the act of defining, or definition in itself, is in a state of flux. The supermarket is a different place at 11pm, and Ray Parker Jr. isn’t always the Ghostbusters theme song guy. I guess what I’m getting at is that we all change shapes from time to time. Either that or I really like the following video…

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