Clarity, From Here On Out

I’ve come to a realization. It only took 34 years and one day, but it’s made life a little easier to grasp.

People are assholes. And the more that assholes perpetuate their ass-hole-isms, the better they get at it. I would call it practice, but it’s not like good people can toss their tendencies towards good aside and become assholes through practice. You can’t get good at becoming an asshole if you’re at first bad at it.

More simply, I don’t think one can become an asshole. You either are or you aren’t. At least as far as I’m concerned. Maybe I’m wrong though. And maybe someone I’ve long looked up to as a person will someday prove that to me. Like the president. Or even perhaps Tony Danza.

For now though, this is where I stand. In a world of assholes and non-assholes, trying to guess the severity of the ass-holiness in the portion of the population I need to stay away from. At least until I finish inventing the assholometer…

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