Small Brown Bike

Got a new frame a few weeks ago and finally pieced this thing together. And since I went to that effort, I figured I’d detail the rundown since a few people have actually asked me about my flatland setup via MySpace. So here goes:

Frame: Wethepeople Div
Fork: Wethepeople Mantis
Bars: Animal Bob
Stem: Suelo
Grips: Animal Edwin
Bar Ends: Macneil Steel
Brake Lever: Odyssey
Brakes: Suelo
Wheels: Front- Demolition, Rear- Profile Nankai w/ an Odyssey rim
Tires: Front- Animal GLH 1.95, Read- Animal ASM 1.95
Cranks: Profile Mini
Sprocket: Metal
Pedals: Fly Ruben
Seat: Primo Hemorrhoid
Post: Thomson
Clamp: Eastern
Pegs: FBM Homie Haulers

Thanks to WTP, Fly, Animal, Profile, Demolition, Odyssey, Metal, FBM and Nation BMX for piecing this thing together over the years. That’s right folks, Alfredo actually made good on “sponsoring” me and gave me a Spanish bottom bracket. I’m still pinching myself trying to figure out if that really happened. Oh yeah, if you’re checking out the handlebar photo, there’s a sticker on my bars that says, “HBO’s The Wire is the best show on television.” I peeled it off the season three box set I just bought last week. It speaks the truth.











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