Latest Greatest Use for Animal’s Bob Bars

West New York, the diversifyingly awesome town we live in atop the Palisades Cliffs overlooking Manhattan, has an awesome A&P supermarket at the bottom of the cliff next to the Hudson River. It’s seriously less than a mile from our house, but the cliff in the middle of the trip makes it fairly difficult to travel home from if you’re on your bike and grocery shopping. That is, before I discovered the latest, greatest use for Animal’s Bob Scerbo bars.

Sunday, after riding flatland in a nearby deserted lot for a few hours, I headed home and stopped at A&P. The only thing I needed was a bottle of water and 20 pounds of Tidy Cat cat litter. Not wanting to drive back down the cliff since parking near the apartment is a pain in the butt, I decided to rough it and buy the cat litter on the way home from riding. Luckily, a 20 pound bag of Tidy Cat fits perfectly between the crossbar of the Bob Scerbo bars from Animal (check photos below. It was seriously anchored in there.) Thank you Bob and Animal. Myself, my cat Goose and the Earth thank you…



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