Pokez SD


I’m in San Diego wasting away the afternoon at the airport as I await a direct flight back to Newark. Been here for four days now, and I’m ready for the east coast again. The one truly great part about San Diego, which I would gladly welcome in say, West New York or even Manhattan, is Pokez Restaurant. It’s a Mexican cafe in downtown with an extensive vegetarian menu and entree prices that linger above or below the $5 range.

I think we first went there about 4-5 years ago, but I can’t remember the exact circumstances. I do remember landing just the other day though, and the first thing I looked up when I got to the hotel was to see if Pokez was still there. Sure enough, it was, and I’ve eaten there every day since I’ve been here. I’m gonna cut this short since I gotta board soon, but if you’re in the SD area and happen to crave a vegan chorizo, potato and mushroom burrito for $4.75, Pokez is your place.

Here’s the link, with directions and a downloadable PDF menu: Pokez

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