SANDUSKY (AP)- Dudley ‘Booger’ Dawson, a pivotal figure in the fight to end discrimination against what would inevitably be known as the “Nerd Movement,” died yesterday at a Sandusky area Hooters restaurant. His longtime friend, Adams College Dean of Admissions Louis Skolnick, told reporters that he died during a belching contest. “He has just finished burping and was trying to pull a server’s shorts off, yelling that he wanted bush. It was the only way I could have imagined him going,” he said. Dawson was 41 years old.

Dawson was a key part of the Bill Gates-affiliated legal team that doggedly attacked nerd discrimination in the workplace. He was the lead lawyer in Gable v. Adams College, assisting the college’s board of trustees in writing a University Civil Rights Code which enforced inalienable rights for all students of the college, including subsections specific to the conduct of nerds and jocks.

Dawson later went on to extensively crusade against nerd discrimination, establishing links between The Civil Rights Act and nerds in the workplace. In 1994, he told a reporter: “The Civil Rights Act states that all individuals are entitled to receive fair treatment, regardless of race, sex, age, sexual orientation or other factors. Though the Civil Rights Act does not protect individual explicitly from nerd discrimination, the Act encompasses all physical and physiological issues that any individual may be faced with. Since my freshman year of college, this concept has become central to my life’s work.”

Early in his career, Dawson rose to legal infamy through a series of unorthodox, uncouth exploits within the courtroom, including picking his nose, passing gas, belching and several pronounced advances towards large women. He was cited with contempt of court in 1989 for referring to a district judge as “My mother’s old douche bag,” and was frequently reprimanded for dressing inappropriately, including one hearing in which Dawson attended in a t-shirt which read ‘Gimme Head Til I’m Dead.’

Dawson was a graduate of Adams College and The Adams College School of Law. He was a lifelong member of the Lambda Lambda Lambda fraternity and had recently served as a chief judge on the Sandusky Circuit and as a posthumous member of the Law Blog All-Name Team. In his spare time, he enjoyed beer drinking, dancing with large women and belching competitions.

He is survived by a wife, Heidi ‘Booger’ Dawson, a son, Dudley Jr., both of Sandusky, OH, and a stepfather, known simply as Snotty, of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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