A Brief History of Bikes

I’m a bike nerd. No shame there I suppose. Since the advent of digital cameras, I’ve made a pretty good effort of taking photos of every bike I’ve had, so I figured I’d compile them here. It mainly spans the past three years, but it starts off with a bang…..


This is from either 1991 or 1992, in the parking lot of TC Cycles in Plainfield, NJ. Take note of the Homeless forks, Haro Ground Master frame, Bully stem, cut down Peregrine bars and Airwalk Disaster shoes. That’s also a 36 hole radal laced front wheel, a Dia Compe Nippon front brake and some two-inch pegs that were mounted to the fork leg instead of the axle (axles broke really easy back then, so I would drill a hole through my fork legs, bolt the pegs on there and not worry about breaking axles anymore…)


Fast forward to February 2004. This was the Federal Fraction. I learned tailwhips on this frame and subsequently lost them completely after that. Also take note of the Primo Stogie box on the floor. They were yellow, and Nate Hanson sent them to me…




August 2004: Same bike, six months later at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles. New forks, tires, pedals, stickers and place to sleep at night…. I ended up giving this bike to Dominik Biro, who later went out and sold it. That pissed me off.




October 2004: I came home from Interbike with this beast. It’s one of the first Federal Hamiltons with a Spanish B/B and internal headset. While I was at it, Primo sent me home with a bunch of stuff too. I actually went to Vegas with a backpack and came home with a huge box taped together with whatever stickers I could find. At the time, I was very glad to get back to a black bike…




January 2005: Same bike, in the same location with snow a few months later. Switched seat post and pedals, but the new additions didn’t really last more than a few months….




November 2005: Moved house, painted the frame and let a shark take a bite out of my seat. I was super stoked Wessel style on that frame color. It matched my blankets too…. Aaron Buckley is currently building this bike up to ride flat on.




November 2005: I was on a bike photographing kick. This is the flatland bike. For some reason, I don’t take too many photos of my flat bikes. I don’t know why. Probably because they just don’t look as cool as a bike set up for riding street does. I do love the no back brake look though.




February 2006: Last bike with Federal. I was so psyched on the burgundy color of my last bike before this one, that I asked Dean Hearne if I could get a custom painted 20″ Hamilton. It was as close as the factory had, but I thought it looked awesome. This was yet another one of my brief forays into trying to force myself to ride a longer frame. Of course, it didn’t last…. I gave this bike to Quiet Chris from Jersey; it was stolen in New Brunswick a month later.




October 2006: First bike with United, first bike shot from Philadelphia. This bike was all over the map from a color standpoint. White pedals, tan/yellow frame, copper sprocket. It hurt just to look at. I have no idea why I ever decided to get white pedals… This frame is currently in the basement with a slightly bent back end at the hands of the airlines.




February 2007: Which brings us to the current bike. A little less confused on the color front, a little more badass looking. I’m back on a 19″ top tube, back on a black bike and wearing a t-shirt with my girlfriend’s name on it. Life is good…


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