BMX rant

It took me a few months to figure out what was bothering me about the BMX scene, but I think I pinpointed it. It’s gangsta BMX, and the urban “street culture” that’s equated with a certain style of bike riding and a certain style of dress.

I can’t stand flat-brimmed New Era baseball hats. I have better things in life to worry about than the newest color combo of Nike Dunks, and I think there’s a fair bit more to getting paid for riding bikes than doing barspin bunnyhops on banks. The whole shebang screams “Vanity!” to me. The fresh clothes, the sparkling bikes, the need to take photos and gather footage each time a riding excursion is undertaken. I don’t care how stylish you look while you’re pedaling in between curb tricks and grinds that Ralph Sinisi did ten years ago. Start racing BMX if you think you need to show the world how great you can pedal on YouTube.

I could go a lot deeper into this. I almost did actually. But it’s not even worth delving into. It’s all unoriginal and it will all go away in six months anyway. It’s inevitable, but it feels like BMX is becoming more image-based by the day, and that’s a scary thing.

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