At Home With Owen

I get to write about a lot of inspiring music and this is among the latest. I had a few days to listen to it before the onesheet needed to be written, but it’s remained on repeat since then. Anyway, a link is in order, so here goes.

Copy and paste away. I’m off to ride some bikes.

Reasons for lack of new content:


Summer and its many extravagances, including house guests, swimming, some running and lots of pedal sprints through lower Manhattan.

bike riding

About 60 unedited pages of text tentatively titled ‘Sadly, Eventually, Naturally’ (Detailing confusion, absolution and everything in between. It should hopefully make sense when all is said and done.)

That’s about it actually. If you’re bored and starved for content, Wrong Eyed Jesus is done and available for download at their MySpace page ( It’s got all sorts of non-BMX content from a lot of BMXers and a few non-BMXers.