Where’d he go?

There once was a time when I was updating this website on an almost daily basis. I vaguely remember that time, but all the bong resin has clouded my memory. No, not really, I’m kidding. I’m just trying to point out the fact that I’ve been a major slacker at updating this website.
It’s not for a lack of trying. I’ve had things to say and statements to make, but I’ve been running around (and away) from New Jersey the past few weeks to avoid the cold. An aside to my winter vacation is a lack of updates. I hope you can forgive me (all two people) that read this. I’m currently in Austin, Texas, where the living is easy and the sun is (or was) shining bright. As for writing or saying anything, it’s all been going to the magazine (Dig), other magazines or record labels. Being busy and warm is a good thing, but I figured I should at least explain why there really hasn’t been anything too ridiculous on here in a while….

1. Joan of Arc ‘The Intelligent Design Of…’
2. Vague Angels ‘Let’s Duke It Out At Kilkenny Katz’
3. Aloha ‘Some Echoes’
4. Elliot Smith ‘From A Basement On A Hill’
5. Film School ‘S/T’

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