Star Wars (Still?)

Today I met a man that purchased a scale-to-life Stormtrooper outfit for $600, and then sold it for $3000 on the Internet. He bought a car with the profits and said goodbye to the life and times of himself as a T-47 (or whatever pretend Stormtroopers tend to call themselves). He sure knew his Star Wars though. He even knew that there was a Star Wars porn spoof made in the mid 80s called ‘Star Whores.’ Princess Leia’s name apparently stayed the same for the porn spoof, but the spelling was changed to phonetically reflect the irony of her already porn-friendly name (Lay-uh!). But…. he hated my ‘Hand Solo,’ ‘Spewbacca,’ and ‘Grand Muff Tarkin’ jokes.
And… he went so far as to argue over the fact that it was OK for Star Destroyers to dump their garbage into space while the Death Star needed to compact and gingerly care for the disposal of their garbage.
This was the most stimulating conversation of my day, one day after the official “most depressing day of the year.” And you came here looking for some light hearted banter….. (Sorry about that)

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