Blame Dominik

Dominik from wants some more updates here. Now I realize, yes, I have been a slacker lately. But you’ll notice that, in the past here, periods of slackness are usually punctuated by periods of non-slackness, so things will pick up soon Dominator. Winter is but a few days away, and since there’s not much of anything to do come winter except masturbate to porn on the Internet, look for more updates soon.
It hasn’t all been slack for me. I was away, working, and then I came home, and got sick. Real sick. Excorsist sick. I did get to sleep for 3 days straight and not do much of anything else, and it’s probably the closest I’ve come to absolute rest in about 5 years, but it still sucked. Now I’m better, it’s too cold to go outside, and someone just busted three caps in front of my house! No lie. I’m looking out the window now and just saw two kids running in one direction and one kid running the other way. Their words, very succinctly spoken: “Gunshots, niggah!”
There’s about 5 cop cars outside now, and the cops are all standing around scratching their heads. Happy holidays and god bless true street crime! I’m going to watch the drama unfold…..

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