Email quotes yet again…

I get a lot of emails from a lot of interesting people that say interesting and humorous things. Sometimes, I’ll be reading an email and either laugh out loud or deeply ponder something someone had just written to me. I actually think email is the great overlooked form of, dare I say, literature, in the, what do you call this decade anyway (the o-o’s?) I don’t know or care enough to name the decade, but I figured I’d compile some unique lines from some people that I’ve spoken to over email. Here goes….

I always resent the “making a living” cycle. I just want to pursue “art” all of the time. Melding the two is the key, but everytime I achieve that, it doesn’t seem to last. -Roy Christopher

It feels good to scream for sure. Opens up the chest and all that breathing so fast is definitely an intense yoga. It really, really changes the way one sees one’s fundamental core assumptions of the nature of reality. That may sound dramatic, but if you don’t believe me, try it – just breathe really fast for 45 minutes and I promise you, you will feel so high. And that’s just the breathing. Once you add the dimensions of making your breath resonate in different ways using only your body and than add projecting it as much as you can, you end up very high and strange. -Tim Kinsella

Carly Cumslut has posted a new comment about you on MySpace! -MySpace

Sorry if I’m a pain in the lower back… -Thomas Fritscher

The kids want it more than I do, I think. -Peter Hart

Life has a way of moving very slow and very fast at the same time. I blame my dog. -Jason Farrell

I went to a Long John Silvers (yes, you read correctly) in Gillette, Wyoming and I was the only male in the restaurant not wearing cowboy boots. nice. -Dan Haugh

The past is perfect in the sense that it is complete, finished- like memory. Thats what Kierkegaard thought was the essential flaw with perfection and with memory- its completeness, its likeness to death. There isn’t much you can do to alter the past, but you can always build something with your history, it can alter your awareness of where and who you are, and change you. But it will bury you where you stand if you get stuck in it. I’m not satisfied with what I have done. I always think that I have more to learn and that gets proven to me everyday and keeps me going sometimes. I’ve witnessed some great things, and none of them happened because people were sitting around smoking their past accomplishments and getting high on how great they thought they were. -Dan Littleton

The simplest questions are the hardest to answer. -Ryan Worcester

Take back your life and throw those cancer sticks away! -Huge Health Newsletter

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