I was gonna say narcissism….

But it actually pertains to a “love for one’s own sexual organs,” not the more widely believed “love or interest in one’s self. If you think I’m lying, look it up on Merriam Webster. So instead, I’ll be using the word egocentric, which means “limited in outlook or concern to one’s own activities or needs.”
And why would I be using either term. Well, as you might have heard or saw or read about today, there was a terrorist attack in the London Underground and on a London City Bus. A large number of people on their way to work in and around the Liverpool St. Station were injured, and a good portion of them lost their lives.
And how does the U.S. centric media react to this tragedy? They immediately start examining what is being done to protect America’s public transportation systems, instead of offering consistent, consice information on the London attack. They offer images of police and dogs in the Hoboken train station, show troops in the NY subway system, and even display alternate routes people can take to work tomorrow to avoid public transportation.
Sure, we got brief glimpses of the attack on London, and random maps and first hand accounts, but the majority of cable news I actually caught focused on the mass amount of security weaknesses in and around the NYC area’s public transportation systems, and what was being done to quell the fears of the local population in the greater NY/NJ area.
Yeah, I understand people get scared and want some feeling of comfort in times of stress like these, but man, what a slap in the face to the millions of people directly affected by this bombing. If America was a person, here’s what I think it’d be saying to London today:

America: “Thanks a lot for reminding me about all this terrorism crap. We were just getting over all this shit, and then, you had to come along and slap it in our faces again!”

London: “I’m sorry you feel so overburdened America. The sad truth is, we had an attack, and we suffered losses because of it. Have you no empathy?”

America: “As a matter of fact, no. Do you think most of my citizens even know about the Madrid bombings from last year…”

It would continue on and on with no solution, and make me even more mad to finish that imaginary conversation. The truth is, everyone in the world is affected by the effects of terrorism, but I get the feeling from the US cable news networks that we’re not supposed to care about it unless it’s on our own soil, or that we’re only supposed to worry about ourselves, instead of the hundreds of people that were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time on Thursday morning in London. Some might call it narcissistic, I call it egocentrism.

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