Bob: “Here’s what you need to do. Have you ever been on the Craigslist website?”

Tim: “Briefly, why?”

Bob: “Have you ever been on the section called ‘Casual Encounters?'”

Tim: “No! Isn’t that for gay guys?”

Bob: “Mostly, but it allows you to anonymously post listings on there if you want to. All you need to do is make up a fake Yahoo email account and verify your posting that way, and then you can post all kinds of shit on there. Yeah, it is used by a lot of men looking for other men, but that’s the beauty of it.”

Tim: “And why is that?”

Bob: “Because, like I said, you can leave anonymous postings on there for people you don’t like, searching for other men. Yeah, it’s a little mean to fuck with people just looking for anonymous, discreet gay sex, but some people need to be fucked with that way, don’t you think?”

Tim: “Definitely. I can think of at least 10 people that I could easily do that to… Have you ever done that before?”

Bob: “Remember that job I interviewed for about a month ago?”

Tim: “The one for the marketing director at Penguin Publishing?”

Bob: “Yeah, and do you remember me telling you about how much of a dick the guy that interviewed me was, and how he said there was no way he would want me working with him because of my lack of ‘concrete experience,’ as he called it?”

Tim: “Yeah.”

Bob: “Well I went home from that interview feeling really shitty. Here’s a guy that barely knows me, but thinks he can size up most anyone because he’s the human resources guy, and then completely misreads me and makes me feel like shit about myself. Plus, he was a complete jock.”

Tim: “So you posted an anonymous hook-up link for him to get revenge?”

Bob: “Yes, and it was beautiful. I titled it ‘Human Resource Manager Looking to Get Ass Resourced,’ and went into all these intricate details about how I, or he, was looking for an anonymous gay man to show him the ropes, that it had to be discreet, and that he needed to be dominated. Then I left his phone number, but I spelled out the numbers to appear a little less obvious.”

Tim: “Did it work?”

Bob: “Well I hope so. That’s the one downside to Internet posting revenge; you never get to find out what the results were of the prank.”

Tim: “Yeah, but if it made you feel OK at the time, then that’s good enough.”

Bob: “I suppose, but it still would’ve been nice to know what that prick experienced when he had all these gay men calling him and asking to bust his anal cherry.”

Tim: “He probably told them that he had a lack of ‘concrete experience’ in that field…”

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