Bob: “You know what I don’t understand.”

Tim: “What?”

Bob: “How we used to vilify people with addictions, and now we empathize with them and treat them better than regular people.”

Tim: “I don’t think that’s a recent development; I think that’s how it’s been for quite some time now.”

Bob: “Well yeah, of course it has in modern times, but two or three hundred years ago, you could be publicly flogged for excessive drunkenness. And now… we’re supposed to feel sorry for people that rely on drinking.”

Tim: “Maybe it’s because we all can relate to needing a drink on one level or another.”

Bob: “Possibly… still, there’s some drunks in my life that need a good flogging.”

Tim: “Mine too…. But you need to remember that people with addictions are technically suffering from a disease, no matter how compassionate your lady may be to the town drunk.”

Bob: “Was I being that obvious about where this discussion was brimming from?”

Tim: “No, I just knew it was an issue with you… I think what you need to realize in regards to that situation is whom your lady chooses as friendly company. If she’s going out of her way to search out drunks and druggies and doing her best to feel sorry for them and pretend to clean up their messes, then she’s probably got some addiction issues of her own, whether personal or familial.”

Bob: “I’ve already heard and read that one way too many times. So you know her… do you think there’s a problem there?”

Tim: “It’s not a problem to begin with. It may hurt like fuck and confuse the shit out of you, but it’s just the way she will instinctually act until someone sits her down and explains why she acts in such a way.”

Bob: “So you think it’s basically just another need for approval?”

Tim: “Yes, and harping on vilifying drunks and wanting to flog them will only bring her closer to that which you don’t want.”

Bob: “Umm, I just had a thought… Should we even be having this conversation in a bar?”

Tim: “For christ sakes! It’s Saturday night. There’s no drunks here. They know better than to come out drinking on the one night of the week when they can’t get their regular bar stool. I think it’s OK to discuss here. Besides, you brought it up.”

Bob: “Yeah, I know. It’s just that the guy I want to flog just poured us our latest round…. I hope he doesn’t remember who I am.”

Tim: “Well just to be safe, don’t order any mixed drinks from him for the rest of the night…”

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