What happened America? After four years of vast politicization by almost every strata of wholesale NFL jerseys American society, review we’re right back where we started, only now, the victor was (apparently) rightfully elected.
After four years of political blow back, lies told by the president unto an unknowing public plus innocent deaths caused by an wholesale mlb jerseys unnecessary war, we’re now worse off than we were wholesale mlb jerseys before George W. Bush stole the 2000 elections.
I’d like to think that Americans Front as a whole aren’t stupid, but it’s taking a lot of restraint to not post the cheap nfl jerseys “Fuck All Bush-loving Dumb Fuck Americans!” sign in my front yard. The truth is cheap NFL jerseys (I assume at least) not that Americans are dumb, but that the undecided and the actual decided Bush-voters got sucked into an ingenious marketing scheme. They were told by the mass media that they needed something, given erroneous facts of why they needed it (including terrorist scare tactics) and then told that it would save them money and possibly get them into Heaven in the long run.
Why do you think at least 1 in 10 people reading this has bought someone a Chia-Pet for Christmas? Because of marketing! We’ve been duped into believing we need to be benevolent towards everyone we know at Christmas. We’re then marketed ridiculous crap on television to fulfill such a need and thrust into giant pits of concentrated consumer market research to purchase said ridiculous crap. I know I’ve done it on more than one occasion.
The thing is, the Chia-Pet recipients never seemed better off after the fact. Wizard I’ve felt the feigned thankfulness towards me. And I’m pretty sure that the recipient wondered what the hell they were supposed to do now, before throwing the piece of junk Chia-Pet out of sight and into the closet; which is exactly Streamline what I presume most people that voted for Bush are now doing, putting their 6-month political brigades in the closet and wondering what the hell they’re supposed to do now…..
Bush voters fell prey to good marketing; a wholesale NFL jerseys nice pre-packaged product that promises a Gold better life for less money with unadulterated protection from all evil in the world, which off the cusp, does sound pretty damn good. The PR firms behind Bush did an extravagant job of pushing any poor product reviews to the wayside and stupefying any legitimate ant-Bush discourse, before waging an all-out “Repeat something often enough and people will start to believe it” war against the everyday average minds of American society. From a psychological point of view, it’s a pretty smart tactic to use to sell tacos and soda and candy and bikes and skateboards. From a ?wiadomo?ci political point of view though, it’s outright terrifying. Last time I checked, democracy and psychological manipulation were not supposed to be partners in crime.
Hate is a strong word; one that takes enduring energy to burn bright. Forgiveness is wholesale jerseys much more efficient. Therefore, I find it easier to forgive the approximate one-half of this country which believes that the morals outlined in the bible are more important than taking steps to end the war in Iraq, or insuring that every person in America receives healthcare, or simply just being told the truth. I forgive you bible belt; it’s what the good book would want anyway. And I forgive you North Dakota, though, despite what George Bush would have you believe, you are not the focus of the terrorists.
I don’t hate Eclectic 1/2 the country because of their democratic opinions, but I AM bitter. I’m bitter that Bush’s 1/2 of America is content to let the current state of affairs in the U.S. erroneously harm our own economy, wage needless wars and destroy the environment, among other things, (and I don’t see that bitterness waning anytime soon). Or maybe I’m bitter because 1/2 of America doesn’t want to change; wholesale MLB jerseys they just want their nice animal figurines complete with live herbs that simulate the fur or hair of the particular animal on their window sill, without worry or concern at least til another one comes along next Christmas….. Well, they got what they wished for; more useless crap. Ch-ch-ch-chia!

POSTSCRIPT: Bush made book authors out of more anti-Bush supporters than any other president in presidential history. There are volumes upon volumes upon more volumes of anti-Bush literature. Most of it is factual and Winded not just subjective rants against Bush’s character, though there are more than a few of those. The reason I bring up this point is that I believe that if more people would have taken the time to search out and read wholesale NFL jerseys more non-mass media based accounts of the Bush presidency, that we might have actually made a bigger difference yesterday and effected the change we all so ardently hoped for, well, at least the change 48% of us hoped for…..

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